Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Shell Rimula Hard-Working Truck

Advertiser: Shell Malaysia (Trading) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Shell Rimula
Creative Agency: O&M
Credits: Maxus — Faraz Shams Khan (Associate Business Director), Lorraine Capel (Managing Director) / GroupM — Padmanabhan (Associate Business Director)

The trucker community was facing a dreadful situation; long, tiring hours were being spent behind the wheel, leading to numerous accidents and loss of lives. Shell Rimula on the other hand was becoming aloof to the truckers against Petronas (which resonated well with them, with the ever- rising “Buy Malaysian” sentiment).

To overcome this disconnect, Rimula had to walk-the-talk its proposition: “Works as hard as you (truckers) do” and willing to do something for these unsung heroes. We spent a few days traveling with these truckers. Their difficulty was evident: long driving schedules, limited rest-stops, fatigue and more dangerously deprivation from sleep. An idea sprouted! We needed to create an area of RELAXATION, where truckers could eat, get a massage, get re-energized and saved from fatigue.

Shell Rimula Hard-working Truck was created, a 40ft air-conditioned container complete with a Pool table, TV, sofas, massage chairs, fridge (with meals) and even a barber (nothing like the needed haircut and Indian massage to relax). The truck stopped at 15 major truck congregation R&R areas across Pen & East Malaysia. On-Air spots announced the location of the Hardworking truck, alerting the truckers to stop and relax with us, as an appreciation for their hard- work.

Over 3700 truckers were re- energized and became instant advocates for Shell Rimula. The WOM created from these truckers, snowballed our sales: 49% Growth in Volume Sales 238 kilo-liters of Rimula R4/R5/R6 sold Distributors lined up to use the Hard-working truck to be part of their road-shows to create magic.