Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Astro On-The-Go Human iPad Theater

Advertiser: MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd
Brand: Astro On-The-Go
Creative Agency: XM - Asia
Credits: Sheila Shanmugam (Business Director), Sham VanBoonstra (Project Director), Dayang Haniza Hamidon (Senior), Chui Ying Liew (Executive)

Astro wasn’t making inroads with digitally savvy young urbanities that are increasingly accessing content on smart devices. Agency’s challenge: Launch Astro On The Go (AOTG) new service innovatively, change perception giving viewing options from traditional pay TV to accessing content on iPad, iPhones and deliver 100,000 AOTG downloads during launch.

Young tech savvy consumers consume content while out and about. They are the first to share new innovative experiences with their friends. So, AOTG launch must showcase actual viewing experience out of home in an exaggerated way enticing consumers to record, viral out, create awareness and talkability. We created World First Human iPad Theatre showcased at high traffic public spots in flash mob style, bringing Astro entertainment from living room to you; anywhere, anytime.

World’s First Human iPad Theatre was made possible using special application synchronizing 50 frames of Astro content loaded individually into 50 iPads, forming 80” HD screen. 4 weeks casting, rehearsals saw 25 talents demonstrating Astro content on 50 iPads forming the Largest Human iPad Theater and 30 flash mob dancers enticing crowds to download AOTG services. Consumers at 32 locations were entertained with K-pop, Disney, Malay and Sports genre; content matched with audience by location.

World’s First Human iPad Theatre delivered 286,614 AOTG application downloads, exceeding target 186%. 6 times higher compared to local industry benchmark. YouTube video gained 300,000 hits. 200,000 unique visitors to AOTG website (7 times higher compared to any new Astro service launch). Social mentions and PR value worth RM1.8 mill.