Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2015 | |

Fuelling The Thrill Of The Chase

Advertiser: Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
Brand: Digital Malaysia
Creative Agency: Vizeum Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd
Credits: -

The Challenge
Local ecommerce scene struggles with two issues. Trust and Visibility. Many of online merchants are too small to spend on big advertising campaigns. Our client, MDeC, was tasked to help Malaysia’s over 4,500 homegrown online retailers increase their sales and raise the country’s domestic ecommerce revenue. We needed to find a way to convince online shoppers to buy from our local sites.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
Shoppers fear missing a good deal. They spend an average of 32 minutes researching and checking for bargains before purchase. We must move them away and expose them to many new local ecommerce sites. We created our own version of Cyber Monday but on a much grander scale. In fact, it was EPIC! Imagine 4,500 online retailers converging in one single platform to give away hard to resist deals. Malaysia’s very own #MyCyberSale was born. We developed innovative ideas with a complete Digital Radio solution and mobile partnership to create interest and increase transactions.

The Execution
We created the following campaign 1st :(1) We created a custom Digital radio channel to stream #MYCyberSALE platform, 24/7 for one month. This unique execution greatly enhanced consumers’ experience whilst they shopped online. Listeners can get ‘Insider Information’ for more bargains. #MYCyberSALE Digital Radio was also the first advertiser branded station to run on RAKU, Astro Radio’s mobile App. Making streaming on Mobile easy. (2) To capture sales from mobile devices, we established a strong m(mobile)commerce platform by partnering with LINE app, to create a custom mobile shopping channel. The concept of having thousands of online retailers on one platform was successfully replicated in the mobile space.

The Results
222% increase in site traffic reported by e retailers. In just 3 days, #MYCyberSALE sold RM67million worth of goods. 33% above target. 57% of the total transactions came from mobile devices. 36% was secured through LINE.