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If Carlsberg Did Marketing Campaigns

Advertiser: Carlsberg Marketing Sdn Bhd
Brand: Carlsberg
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
If Carlsberg did a marketing campaign, it would probably be the best campaign in the world, with the objective of winning back drinkers tempted by aggressive promotions by competitors. It would be smart, fun and witty, and reconfirm the fact the Carlsberg makes the best beer.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The tagline was ‘If Carlsberg did…’, anchoring the entire campaign, unfolding in two phases – ‘Fitting Room’ and ‘Work’. The idea was that if Carlsberg did something, it would be the best something in the world – either bringing fun to a fitting room or livening up a meeting. Or recruiting for the best job in the world – a paid Carlsberg Beer Taster

Media Execution
Cheeky video spots were created for the two scenarios, and a website – – launched to accept applications. To spread the word and generate buzz/enthusiasm, we:

Strategised media buys to target specific audiences by hitting appropriate newspapers, magazines, websites: mainstream (FHM, The Sun) for ‘Fitting Room’ and executive (The Edge, Esquire) for ‘Work’. Job ads were placed on recruitment portals (Jobstreet, Yahoo, The Star).

Broadcasted ‘Fitting Room’ on digital screens in malls during weekends and happy hours, supported by an activation element: offering free beer to guys carrying shopping bags, reinforcing the scenario.

Partnered with social influencers to amplify the reach of the campaign, gaining attention for the Beer Taster role. Commissioned social stories on World’s Best Jobs were circulated, and programmatic buying ensured that the campaign would reach the correct audience on relevant websites.

Results and Effectiveness
The website crashed at launch, attracting more than 18,000 applicants. The media plan reached a huge audience – more 10 million over print and digital – with perception and acceptance in the key 25-44 age segment up significantly. Proof that when Carlsberg does a campaign, it would probably be the best campaign ever