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We found TV’s secret sauce to drive site visits for Lazada

Advertiser: Lazada
Brand: Lazada
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The Challenge
Lazada’s was looking for new channels to growth their site visits, and with new entrants challenging its leadership position, they were ready to try something new. At the end of 2014, we were seeing an average daily visits of 258k (web only – Q4’14). Post the Series F round of funding, Lazada tasked us to identify a marketing strategy to drive visits to the site and complement Lazada’s mobile first strategy.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Rather than using rating points to allocate their TV spend, Lazada wanted to ascertain which spots were directly effecting visits to the site. To do this they attributed growth in visits to TV directly. And we broke down traffic contributions out down to the level of each TV spot. We saw exactly which spots were performing higher. So we embarked upon an extensive analysis of channels, time, content and genre of each and every spot advertised in the last 2 years.

Media Execution
We saw that while our CPRP had dropped 6.2%, the costs incurred to bring in each new one thousand visitors had actually gone up 2.6x (RM 207) over the last 2 years. This gave birth to a new measure of TV advertising, Cost Per (‘000) Visits Increased or CPVI. CPVI is an ever-evolving measure we created rooted in Lazada’s incoming traffic which allows us to add on learnings as we go. So, we started optimizing TV based on CPVI and doing our post-buys not with GRPs or CPRP’s but with real business results.

Results and Effectiveness
Having found the secret sauce to TV planning to drive visitation, we optimized our new-found measure CPVI down by 68% to just RM 66/- That translated to 180% growth in Avg. Daily Visitors (Q4’15) while Avg. Monthly Total Visits increased 181% (from 7.9mil to 14.3mil). Lazada’s GMV mobile share of GMV went