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Agency’s 4E strategy- Casting the Magic Spell on Malaysian Youth

Advertiser: Celcom Axiata Berhad
Brand: Xpax Magic SIM
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Our Challenge – The Millennials! The youngsters of the nation are very hard to please – they only communicate when they feel the need and can easily get distracted with the plethora of offers targeting them in the market.On top of this, the GST hindered them from driving sales for XPAX which impacted in a revenue decline – as they are the largest set of XPAX subscribers. Only spells could have enthralled this audience for us.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Insights, – Good thing is that the Millennials have the most distinctive behavioral traits. They thrive on trends! – Nothing inspires them more than what is circulating in their social circles and they feel compelled to be part of things that their peers vouch for. Celebrities are huge influencers – these millennials are the fan girls and boys.They are curious and appreciate ‘surprises’ – avid readers and researchers, they trust on blogs and communities to find the word on brands.In the current economic times – they are looking for brands that support them through the GST transition as it’s a novel experience for them. Strategy – The spell in this case was the #MAGICSIM. Agency crafted as a Strategy that keeps reinventing itself and surprises the Youth with a different layer consistently. The anchor here was to be innovative with all the executions and offers so that the Millennials could never second guess the next move and be indifferent. We created a ‘4E’(Envy,Entice,Excite & Engage) strategy with distinctive roles & mediums throughout the campaign. Our idea was to Cast the Magic Spell Consecutively to the Millennials

Media Execution
How did we do it?

• Envy: The first cannon was the ‘Envy’ phase . Top celebrities like Ayda Jebat, Erin Malek, Emma Maembong sparked the buzz about this mystery Magic ‘product’ asking where they can find it on Social along with DJs on Radio. We saw Millennials desperately seeking answers for what this ‘Magic’ product really was. We finally revealed the product after a week through these celebrities telling their fans who hard was it for them to get Magic SIM as it was all sold out.

• Entice : We further sparked the interest by ‘Enticing’ the audience through TV teasers followed by a 30s full reveal TVC.

• Excite : We moved on to the excite phase where we made the Magic SIM across all possible mediums as if it was a real magic. We went live on Radio with DJs on 6 stations revealing the magical offer.In terms of communication during this phase we were talking about Free Internet, Internet Burung Hantu etc.

• Engage: This is where the magic actually happened. Our influencers and seeders were in communication with the audience on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Forums etc. Organic conversations were abuzz with MagicSIM mentions. This carefully crafted 4E strategy created a huge buzz in no time!
Results and Effectiveness
Reached 18,321,987 Malaysians 20,000+ packs/day for 6 weeks- highest ever. CTR increased by a phenomenal 492% 69,699 social mentions, Earned Media worth 4,900,000+, 30% increase in sales #MagicSim trended organically on twitter for 21 straight days.