Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Igniting Malaysia with #NeverGiveUp Spirit

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: MILO
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Recent years have seen other beverage brands challenging MILO’s synonymous association with sport, causing declining penetration and wavering brand affinity. Milo needs to reclaim its iconic status in sports to reverse dwindling market share and sales.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Malaysians have loved MILO for decades but it has diminished into an old nostalgic love that’s no longer as exciting as newer brands. We also found that while mothers know MILO is nutritious, they don’t fully appreciate how sports can help their child flourish. We needed to ignite the hearts of Malaysians and renew their love for MILO. We strategized to push MILO’s brand belief of “Sports is a great teacher”, with MILO as the energy drink that fuels you. Thus the campaign idea, ‘Champions Never Give Up’ (Juara Takkan Gentar). We strategized 3 tasks for a multiplier impact on KPIs:

1. Reach: CNGU campaign that renew Malaysians’ love for MILO.

2. Relevance: Make mums fully appreciate the value of sports.

3. Engagement: Drive emotional connect with the #nevergiveup proposition.

Media Execution
First, we made a mark across the nation with impactful print ads. DJs live reads & spots and high reach digital platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Google DBM) brought these ads to life by engaging with audiences. We inspired audiences with real life #nevergiveup stories of Malaysian athletes through sponsorship of the highest rated TV program (TV3-Buletin Utama) that reached over 75% TA. To bond to mums, we designed specific Social experiment videos showcasing kids talking about competition and fear of failure cemented a deeper emotional connection with mums. We had “editorial” content in newspaper with relevant articles that helps mums in dealing with their children’s growth goals, fears and failures. To ignite Malaysians’ hearts with MILO’s #nevergiveup spirit, we featured on Astro Prima, Maya & Arena an 8-episode branded reality docu-drama following the trials and tribulations of a school level soccer team trained by MILO was featured on Astro Prima, Maya & Arena. The docu-drama exemplified how sports, together with MILO, nurture kids to never give up whether they win or lose Lastly, our content hub on MILO’s website united Malaysians through helpful parent tips, motivational stories, exclusive contents from branded content, and conversations. A strategic digital plan helped maximize key KPIs of website clicks and content consumption. Radio DJs further engaged audiences with their own #nevergiveup stories and motivational songs.

Results and Effectiveness
1.Malaysians perceived Milo as an exciting and iconic brand in sports once more. The “Takkan Gentar” reality docu-drama achieved 86% enjoyment scores with kids and created 82% purchase intent amongst adults.

2.More mothers were convinced on the values of sports, with brand imagery of “Stimulates children/my child to have an active lifestyle” going up from 94 (FY2014) to 96 (FY 2015).

3.MILO’s market share increased from 86.6 (Jun) to 88.0 (Oct) by +1.4 bp and average monthly sales increased by RM2.5 million during campaign run

4.Ultimately, we reversed a long running penetration decline (by +1.5%) and brought back MILO as an iconic brand into more Malaysian households.