Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Lights, Camera, Perfecto time!

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker
Brand: Perfecto Popcorn
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The Challenge
Popcorn is the snack of choice at Movies, not at Home. Home snacking is dominated by the predictable corn snacks and chocolates. PerfectoPopcorn, a new snack brand, has ambitious targets. We have to shake things up in the snacks category and build share of mind for popcorn outside of the cinema hall.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We love our movies. Today, movies are watched everywhere and anytime. It is so competitive for movie channels and stations that close to 20% of our airtime is allocated to movies. As viewers, sitting through a two hour show will not be complete without something to munch on. Having been brought up on popcorn at the movies, our strategy was simple. To penetrate into Malaysian homes, why not focus and OWN the home movie viewing occasion. Half of our task is already achieved as Movies = Popcorn. What we need to ingrain is Home Movies = PerfectoPopcorn. ‘Movies Never Tasted So Good’ campaign was anchored on major movie channels.

Media Execution
We tied up with Fox Movie Channel and Astro Malay channels. The primetime movie belt sponsorship across FoxMoviePremium, Prima, Ria, Mustika & Citra gave us immediate prominence. Mouth watering PerfectoPopcorn danced on our TV screen in the form of programme promos, TVC, prominent Opening and Closing positions during the movie belt built strong associations with big movie titles. With FoxEntertainment, we extended brand enjoyment by giving free tickets to watch blockbusters at the cinema halls to lucky winners.

Results and Effectiveness
As the new kid on the block, PerfectoPopcorn made a strong debut and delivered results. For the first three months, we experienced 400% increase in volume, each month! In less than 7 months, we closed the year with 76% above our original sales target. And with 2 more new flavours in the pipeline, movie nights has never tasted so good!