Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |


Brand: Maybank Cards
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
They say “Old Habits die hard”. We had to convince Malaysians to give up on using Cash and encourage transactions through virtual mediums i-e online transfer & E-commerce on M2U, Credit & Debit cards.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Significant number of Malaysians are still afraid of E-Banking & find it complicated. However, research concluded that they want to be cool & trendy. We fused this with our media insights 1. 76% were avid blog followers, they follow celebs. 2. Social Media had a high reach (78.18%) and affinity (145%). 3. Malaysians spend approx. 4 hrs daily in commuting. 4. Print had high credibility (74%). STRATEGY: To change old habits, preaching was not an option, so we devised an integrated tailored movement to infuse the thought that cash is uncool. We created a movement that in ten weeks would change the way Malaysians looked at banking. We named it #CashisOldSkool and carefully crafted roles & timeline for each medium to propagate the movement.

Media Execution
SOCIAL MEDIA TO IGNITE /EXCITE & ASCERTAIN Week 1: Celebrities kick-started the movement by provoking thought on social media with photo-posts of tips to be cool. Cashless transactions was one of the trends “to be cool”- we used a large 48 influencers to spread the movement. (36 Malays) Week 2: Strategically chosen influencers targeting all age groups & races blasted their own pictures using Maybank virtual banking services on Instagram & Facebook. This was followed by status updates & tweets highlighting how Maybank Virtual Banking was “super cool”. Week 3: All influencers & celebrities took a picture in a Maybank branded T-shirt holding a Maybank Credit/Debit card to demonstrate their total commitment towards the cause. OOH TO ACCELERATE THE MOVEMENT WEEK 4 to 10: We did a strategic takeover of OOH media locations where the transaction volume was high. We executed a Digital OOH takeover of 12 powerscreens used to accelerate the reach. Key areas targeted were: The Curve, Midvalley, Almanda, Mersa, & Powerscreen networks across Pen Malaysia. PRINT TO GIVE AUTHORITY TO THE MOVEMENT: Week 4 & 5: We used The Star and Harian Metro full page ads followed by editorial write ups that talked about how Maybank’s Cash is Old Skool changing the way Malaysians bank. Following the mainstream papers were affinity based Magazines – iFeel, Style & In-Trend. All three were used for editorial pieces that talked about how celebrities have taken over the social scene and what they were talking about CASHISOLDSKOOL. DIGITAL TO CLOSE THE LOOP Week 6-10: Facebook, GDN and Adnear targeting via interest and followers of celebrities to entice audiences to register for M2U(Maybank’s e-commerce website). The ad took them to a sign up page where more details and benefits of using online banking were given.

Results and Effectiveness
1. Eyeballs reached 14,333,967.

2. Impressions 7.5 Million

3. 5,000,000+ social engagements.

4. Cash withdrawals from Maybank ATM’s during campaign decreased by 12%

5. That’s RM 6,000,000 less transactions of Cash in ten weeks- 120,000 fewer transactions.

6. 6 Billion worth of additional transactions in two months via virtual platforms.

7. 575,000 more transactions on the M2U online platform, an increase of 167%.

8. Earned media worth RM 3,320,138. Old habits died Easy!