Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

It’s all in the air, when you can’t show hair

Advertiser: Unilever Malaysia
Brand: Sunsilk
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Sunsilk was losing penetration in the Malay audience segment, and wanted to gain back lost share.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Bespoke consumer research showed that Malay women wearing the ‘tudung’ have a different definition of “manageable hair”. The silky free-flowing hair often portrayed in Sunsilk’s advertising is of secondary importance to them. Instead, their major concern is managing dampness and sweaty odours caused by covering their hair all day under the ‘tudung’. With the big insight that manageable hair means fragrant hair for most Malay women, we needed Malay women to perceive Sunsilk as the shampoo with enhanced perfume, not just the shampoo for silky hair. To avoid the Chinese audience who already resonate with the silky hair branding, we carefully strategized our perfume-focused messaging for Malay women through selective media. 1. Local metro trains: Malay women are 1.5 times more likely to use these trains compared to other women. Chinese women prefer to drive, with over 95% car penetration. 2. Malay language specific media Chinese women mostly consume English and Mandarin media, thus we chose Malay language specific media: a. Cinema: A captive medium for 70% of Malay women, we selected screenings in Malay language movies b. Magazines: Malay women read magazines 1.4 times more than others, reaching 60% of the target audience, so we targeted Malay language magazines.

Media Execution
Sunsilk’s ‘Smooth&Manageable’ is an existing and old variant, so we can’t suddenly change its positioning to focus on fragrance. Thus, we kept the overall expected communication of silky hair intact on the largest media, TV and Digital, which reaches Malay and Chinese women alike. The specialized fragrance messaging was then targeted on the following selective media: Cinema: Before screenings of Malay language movies, we played Sunsilk’s advertisement with a message display asking women to smell the air right now. Concurrently, we sprayed Sunsilk’s perfume into the cinema theatre via special fragrance sprays. Women were immersed in a live experience of the fragrance and what their hair would smell like with Sunsilk. This execution reached about 700,000 women. Metro stations: We placed a refreshing fragrance dispenser machine at the station’s waiting area, capturing attention of daily commuters waiting for their trains. After watching Sunsilk’s TVC on the machine, they were invited to press the BIG PINK BUTTON. This released a free sample while spraying Sunsilk’s fragrance into the air. This dispenser was rotated across three stations to cover large traffic areas. The LRT dispenser distributed 109,000 samples and fragrance sprays. Magazines: We placed Sunsilk’s perfumed strips inside top Malay magazines accompanied with editorial content covering the product’s increased efficiency, reaching 151,000 Malay women.

Results and Effectiveness
Sunsilk’s ‘Smooth&Manageable’ market share had dropped to 5.6% before the campaign started. After campaign launch, market share increased by 13% within a month to reach a share of 6.3%. Sunsilk penetration within Malay households was higher by 1% compared to Sunsilk’s penetration among all households, showing that Sunsilk is most preferred by Malay women.