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Coke Zero Surprises Malaysian with Same Great Taste, Zero-Sugar, Zero-Calories Option

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Far East Limited
Brand: Coke Zero
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The Challenge
Rising health concerns on sugary drinks has caused Coke’s imagery of “Is an Unhealthy Drink” tracking at 40pts, a huge gap of 24pts vs. 100Plus, which has always been perceived as a healthier choice. The campaign objective was to close the gap with 100Plus by addressing consumers’ unhealthy perceptions.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
70% of Malaysians are getting more health conscious, however, taste is still a primary driver. Instead of picking up a no-sugar option, consumers would rather cut down on consumption frequency, and eventually dropping off from the brand. CocaCola’s taste was uniquely formulated to provide instant uplift; we had to leverage on this, but offer a healthier option – CokeZero – to arrest volumes and recover unhealthy imagery of Coke. We positioned CokeZero as “same great CocaCola taste, ZERO Sugar, ZERO Calories” – to urge consumers to try, as they now can enjoy the same great-tasting refreshment with ZERO guilt.

Media Execution
A movie screening in partnership with GoldenScreenCinema was organized. upon arrival, all attendees were given CocaCola in its normal red cup. During the screening, a video of concession worker was shown and requested them to remove the regular red cup, unveiling it was actually CokeZERO! The entire crowd reaction & genuine testimonial were all captured, expressed that they couldn’t tell the difference between CokeZERO and normal Coke The footages were re-purposed for wider reach amplification across multi-screens, including cinema halls nationwide, national TV, YouTubePreRolls and spread on multiple social platforms via 8Share community.

Results and Effectiveness
Campaign reached 8.6million consumers. Media event contributed RM524k earned PR value. YouTube delivered 1.7mil completed views. 8Share community garnered 74,798unique visits with only commissioned 6,548 sharers. Coke’s “Is An Unhealthy Drink” metric closed the gap with 100Plus from 24points down to 7points in less than 6 months! Not only that, other all other Imagery and Consumption related metrics had double digit growth!