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Wonda Restarts your day

Advertiser: Permanis Sandilands
Brand: Wonda
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Securing the No.2 position in the RTD coffee market in under 2 years after launch was a proud achievement for WondaCoffee. Awareness levels were low within the Malay segment. We needed to secure a niche position in their hearts and minds, to favour WondaCoffee over Nescafe.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
While Nescafe had clearly defined its position as ‘the morning ritual to start the day right’, we dug deeper. Being a morning fix itself didn’t guarantee that the rest of the day will be ‘easy’. We understood challenges still abound throughout 24 hours. Our energy gets depleted tackling them and we need that boost to keep us going every now and then. This was where WondaCoffee would come in, to recharge and restart us, any time of the day. Hence, we arrived at ‘WondaCoffee Restarts Your Day’.

Media Execution
Considering our Malay-focused target, we led with a vernacular print campaign, supported by radio and digital. For 5 consecutive days with BeritaHarian, we incorporated innovative gadgets alluding to ‘Restart’ together with print jacket wraps. Day 1 – A free redemption of WondaRestart Kit with WondaCoffee cans and a power bank when MyTeksi mobile app bookings were made. Day 2 – ‘Restart’ conveyed through an hourglass that could be flipped upside down. Day 3 – Measure your stress levels on a heat-detection film and restart your day with WondaCoffee. Day 4 – Restart your day with a WondaCoffee redemption coupon at stands. Day 5 – Using optical illusions, sit back and relax to read the message. Thereby reinforcing the campaign message. For radio, we took ‘Restart’ to a real-life situation, by sponsoring former AkademiFantasia artiste Zahid in restarting his singing career as his radio announcer contract with EraFM was ending. We even sponsored the composition of his new song and music video ‘AkuSudahBiasa’ that carried WondaCoffee’s key message of ‘restarting your day’ (MulakanSemula). On social media, we ran a RM10,000 cash contest for consumers to submit creative selfies of themselves ‘restarting’ their day with WondaCoffee. Interactive digital banners allowed consumers to play a short game, with tips on how to ‘Restart’.

Results and Effectiveness
WondaCoffee recorded all time high Brand Awareness amongst Malays @ 83%, with 56% increased trials. A spike of 22% in total sales across Malaysia. At stores and stands, WondaCoffee became the No. 1 RTD coffee with sales growth of 244%, surpassing Nescafe by 13%! Nescafe was down to its record-low in convenient store sales, recording a -3% negative growth while our campaign contributed to 209% growth compared to annual monthly sales during non-promo periods. The WondaRestartKitDelivery via MyTeksi received close to 1.23 million bookings, with 5,000 sets given away. “Aku Sudah Biasa” accumulated more than 830,000 Youtube views of the music video without any media buy (as of 4 Feb 2016), with a high recall rate of 90% recall of the single and 70% recall of the program. The Restart Selfie Contest generated 434,000 unique impressions and a click-through rate of 0.11%, with 375 submissions. Finally, Media ROI of RM780,000 was generated to date.