Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Clinical Vs Lifestyle Healthcare

Advertiser: KPJ Healthcare Berhad
Brand: KPJ Healthcare
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The Challenge
Largely due to restrictions on advertising for healthcare under KKLIU, healthcare awareness communications were limited. When there were, the messages were mostly frightening or boring which disinterested Malaysians further! KPJHealthcareBerhad, though faced with a mountain of obstacles, vowed to overcome this.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Scary and boring healthcare messages meant Malaysians stayed away from them, choosing to live in denial on health matters. Leveraging on the celebrity fuelled market in Malaysia, TVC using personalities together with lifestyle shows made healthcare approachable for Malaysians. Within the KKLIU framework, we took a lifestyle approach. We chose: 1) Lifestyle Context; credible personalities (instead of doctors) to champion our messages. 2) Lifestyle Environment: placing our messages in lifestyle affinity sections to reach the masses instead of the all-expected health sections. Six health conscious personalities talking about ten health services Malaysians should know about, together with spots on lifestyle shows, made the communication on healthcare less intimidating and increasing positive interest amongst Malaysians.

Media Execution
We created 10 versions of 40second Public Service Announcements that ran on Astro TV each version covering a specific health need e.g. Orthopaedic, Obesity, Dental, etc. What made this unique was that we perfectly matched our content to the program we placed it in. For example, “Obesity” version featuring Syaniza Hisham (who battled with weight problems herself) was aired during TLC’s “TheFoodSurprise” targeting foodies who had the highest potential of turning obese, whilst “Dental Service” version featuring Daphne Iking (known for her perfect smile) was aired during “TheVoice” showcasing to the consumer the benefits of going for dental check-ups!

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign was a success! More than 3 million Malaysians received reminders of their need for health check-ups. Everyone of them had at least 9 reminders, which led to higher potential of conversion. Overall KPJ achieved an increase of more than 6% in revenue in 2015.