Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |


Advertiser: Permanis Sandilands
Brand: Mountain Dew
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Having been in the market for 5 years, brand awareness was low compared to competitors, such as Sprite, Kickapoo, 7Up. In fact brand awareness has been on a declining trend similar to their sales trend. Modern Malaysians have become health conscious, consuming soft drinks only during special festivities. The effect of competition and lower consumption resulted in a 6% dip in growth. MountainDew was in need of rejuvenation to increase awareness, trial, and conversion. We needed a drastically different approach for fast results before hype fizzes out for the brand.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
‘Different’, came in the way we innovated media for consumers to sit up and take notice. Opportunity presented itself in the new Neon Bottle, an eye catching fluorescent shade of green. This gave us the platform to carry out a campaign that incorporated the neon or “glow in the dark” concept. The idea – illuminate life by shining light on the mundane and ordinary.

Media Execution
As brand awareness is the utmost goal, we deployed “neon” in a combination of media with the highest possible impressions: print, television, online, and radio. Each media aimed to target key stakeholders. To be in grocery owners and mass audiences’ hands, we used PRINT as 65% of retainers carry newspapers. We partnered with TheStar to create a never-before-seen 5-day takeover:

• Day1: Full-jacket wrap with life-size MountainDew Neon bottle replica on the frontpage. LED lit the bottle to symbolize the “re-birth of MountainDew.”

• Day2: Full-jacket wrap with fluorescent green publication masthead, blurbs, headlines, and sections to symbolize “Neon Nation.”

• Day3: Full-jacket wrap with a glow-in-the-dark green LED balloon to symbolise “Neon Fever Fun.”

• Day4: Full-jacket wrap with glow-in-the-dark ad copy, linked to a social media contest to symbolize “Participation in the Neon Movement.”

• Day5: Single full-page, full-colour ad communicating a promo at 7-Eleven outlets (largest network in Malaysia) to activate drinking. To be in young people’s conversations, RADIO was used for scale and engagement. Listeners nominated structures they want to see in “neon”.

Iconic structures in KL, Malacca, Penang, AlorSetar and JohorBahru were illuminated that gathered massive buzz. To be closer to retail, ON-GROUND and OUT-OF-HOME were used for activation. Giant glowing neon bottles dominate sites and Neon Hummers were deployed to create more excitement around sampling. To be in social chatter, ONLINE was used via #MyDewNeon to be in conversations associated with PRINT, RADIO, and ON-GROUND activations. To be truly nationwide, TV was used to amplify via ads.

Results and Effectiveness
MountainDew undeniably turned Malaysia Neon! Brand awareness improved tremendously: up 11.25% compared to last year. Impressive sales figures:

• MountainDew sales increased 122% • Recorded its highest sales since its launch 5 years ago

• More MountainDews were sold in a month vs combined 3 months prior to campaign.

• At 7-Eleven, sales soared by 4,750% against average daily sales

Staggering media results:

• Media coverage close to RM500,000 for only a week’s effort

• Online engagement doubled from the average 3% during non-promo periods

• On Facebook there were weekly increments of 2,000 likes – this is 10X more compared to non-promo periods