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It Takes Guts to Say Yes

Advertiser: Dutch Lady Milk Industries
Brand: Friso Gold
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
With parents focused on academic excellence, Infant Formula Milks brands which promised to turn kids into next Einsteins became a mother’s default choice. With high clutter and lack of consumer traction FrisoGold was struggling in the market. Our challenge was to differentiate & build relationship with mothers leading to sales.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Research shows that on an average day, a toddler hears ‘NO’ 400 times. We understood that this excessive reliance on the word stems from mothers’ fear for her child’s safety and well-being. But repeated use of the word NO meant that kids were missing out on unique experiences which helps shape up their personality. Through ‘Mom-festo’ – Friso sought to break through moms’ first instinct to say ‘No’. Everytime when they say “no,” moms need to realize that negativity can breed resentment or plant seeds for future rebellion. “Yes,” on the other hand, opens up trust and creativity. The goal is to bring out moms’ mental strength to tune out negativity and to discover the Power of Yes. Your child is the sum of her mother saying ‘Yes’, and to bring this to life – FrisoGold embarked on a first-ever ‘Mom-festo movement’ to showcase the POWER OF YES to Malaysian moms. We collaborated with two famous Malaysian Moms, Ngai Yuen and Liz Yahya to demonstrate the POWER OF YES through their 4-week transformation, use their experience as catalyst to spark the movement across Malaysia.

Media Execution
Typically, Malaysian mothers are clustered distinctively into two groups – ‘No-time’ moms and ‘Over-protective’ moms. We zeroed in on two celebrity moms who were willing to be put to the 4-weeks grueling test to re-evaluate their parenting style. Can Ngai Yuen (‘No-time’ mom) say yes to spending more time with her kids? How would Liz fare as she tried to shake off her Over-protective mode, learn to let go and start saying Yes? The social experiment brought sudden realization to both moms, when they say ‘yes’, they are actually giving their children the chance to enjoy new experiences. We seeded the videos online and rallied Malaysian moms to rise to FrisoGold’s challenge and experience the Power of Yes. Smart retargeting ensured mothers saw all videos sequentially. They were then progressively retargeted with Friso’s product proposition of aiding healthy child development and experiential learning and invited them to sample Friso. Thousands of moms responded and shared their transformation journey, including activities that strengthened the bond between mom & child. With positive responses, Friso Gold went beyond to activate an experiental event, lined up with the activities that were crowdsourced from moms. We further cemented the Power of Yes ideology through a specially orchestrated placement of newspaper ad next to a strong editorial piece on Power Of Yes movement.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign resonated so strongly with Malaysian mothers, 98% of Friso Gold mothers were happy with our products. We exceeded conversion targets by 512% in sample requests, resulting in tremendous uplift of 20% of market shares in a stagnating market.