Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Petron helped drivers see the lighter side of a heavy burden

Advertiser: Petron
Brand: Petron
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Petron is the newest and smallest player in the highly-competitive petrol market. They have 560 stations while Petronas has 1000 and Shell 950. With key locations already taken up by the big boys and market size dependent on the number of road vehicles – The only way to grow is to take business away from competitors.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Malaysian drivers are particularly sensitive to price fluctuations. When petrol costs less, you’ll see more cars on the road. When petrol costs more, there’d be fewer cars. In April 2015, the government introduced GST causing the price of everything to go up. Many people were upset, especially road users. The only way out was to turn a negative time for Malaysian drivers into a positive. We took the topic-of-the-month (GST) and changed a single letter (JST, or JoHaRa Senang Tunai) to brighten up the lives of motorists. Petron, after all, was about fuel-ing happy!

Media Execution
We asked motorists to send us their petrol receipts (complete with GST), from Petron or any competitive stations and allow us to take care of their bills. To do this, we partnered with a radio station. A 30-sec radio wasn’t enough. We wanted to engage road users and keep the conversation going. We teamed up with ERA FM, and got the DJs to select random participants and offer them an opportunity to win a ‘rebate’ on GST. JoHara Senang Tunai, indeed! A simple 3 step mechanic was created to reward Petron’s user :
1. Listeners will need to submit their receipt on

2. Era will call up selected entries to participate

3. If they win the cash, they win RM2,000

Results and Effectiveness
Petron increased its volume by 3.3% post promotion – proving that money can buy you happiness! After just 2 weeks, the campaign generated a 25% recall rate. We received 1,474 contest entries, or 198% over target.