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How we used radio to connect young entrepreneurs to TM Business

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Brand: TM
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
TM had introduced complete business solutions to support up-coming entrepreneurs in accelerating their businesses. But sign ups weren’t great as TM has always been known as a consumer rather than business solutions brand. We needed a way to build our business solutions credentials.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Young entrepreneurs are always looking for successful mentors to get first-hand guidance, but accessing one isn’t easy. TM on the other hand, had access to them because they were TM’s Enterprise customers. We saw an opportunity to connect successful entrepreneurs with up coming entrepreneurs. Rather than do digital (something the older mentors weren’t comfortable with), we decided on radio as the main driver. With young entrepreneurs always on the road, it was the perfect medium.

Media Execution
Partnering with ASTRO, we developed a 2 pronged radio content strategy “ATTRACT” and “ACQUIRE”. ATTRACT – We created quick segments with successful iconic entrepreneurs like Zawara, Wood & Steel, Tarik Jeans, Garage 51, Nail Polish and Buns in The Oven. Topics include their first 100 days of business, inspirations, challenges, day-in-the-life and tips to be successful. Theses segments were aired throughout the day on Malay and Chinese channels. ACQUIRE – We then organised a contest where listeners could win a chance to attend an intimate session with these icons. ASTRO would also produce a short commercial to help promote their business. They just needed to pitch their out of the box business ideas and to share a story on why their business is unique.

Results and Effectiveness
Awareness of the radio activation reached 3.8mil. Media ROI successfully achieved a massive 2.84. We also achieve a sales target of 38% above KPI target. Overall campaign success contributed to TM’s Q4 brand health index amongst SMEs which increased by a whopping 50% from Q3.

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