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Tricking the Google Algorithm in Real Time

Advertiser: PETRONAS Group
Brand: PETRONAS Group
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The Challenge
PETRONAS needed to establish an association of its newly launched Euro4M RON97 fuel with performance car owners.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Euro4M produces lesser vehicle emissions with 90% reduction of sulphur content, better vapour pressure, and lower benzene content. Sounds technical? So it is to the mass. Only performance car owners would appreciate these. And would search for online information. To connect with them, PETRONAS had to outbid car advertisers (BMW, Lamborghini etc) to get its ads appear in prime ad space on search results page. PETRONAS also needed to have content relating to performance cars on its site, to ensure good Google relevance score that impacts search ad ranking. However PETRONAS wasn’t in auto industry, didn’t have relevant site content. STRATEGY: Sidestepping content relevance challenge, we used a little known Google Search feature to trick the conventional Google algorithm. IDEA: Using Dynamic Creative Copy Optimization tool, we built two keyword lists: one for performance cars and one for PETRONAS RON97. We automated the Google engine to marry the two sets DYNAMICALLY, ONLY based on what users searched for, NOT based on PETRONAS website content.

Media Execution
We inserted PETRONAS RON97 keywords using Dynamic Creative Copy tool. This automatically churned adcopy in real time as user searches: Ad: “PETRONAS RON97 built for your “Lamborghini” appears when user searches “Lamborghini”. We avoided conventional copywriter ad text which couldn’t trick Google’s algorithm. Two sets of keywords used: Set 1 (high end cars–Lamborghini, M6) created brand association. Set 2 (general performance cars–M2, GTI) drove greater search volumes. Optimization:

• Arbitrage: between Set 1 bids & Set 2, to optimize between clicks and quality.

• Scheduling: higher bid on weekends, when men searched most performance cars.

Results and Effectiveness
• 320,000 consumers reached with Dynamic ads in 6 weeks.

• RM0 creative production cost.

• Google Ad Ranking for entire campaign was #1.

• 42% lower cost per click than anticipated.

• Drove double digit sales growth for RON97 (NOTE : client’s confidentiality).