Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Haze, Haze You Can Stay, We’re Enjoying Pizza Today!

Advertiser: PHD Delivery Sdn. Bhd.
Brand: Pizza Hut Delivery
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
From June 2015 onwards, Pizza Hut experienced an increase in CPC for its search campaign. An influx of food delivery advertisers bidding on similar keywords drove up costs. How can Pizza Hut maintain dominance and stay relevant for consumers with a limited budget?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The haze from Indonesian forest fires was smothering Peninsula Malaysia. Schools were closed and outdoor events were cancelled over health concerns. People were advised to stay indoors, transforming weekend getaways into weekend homestays. This led to the influx of food retailers offering home delivery and inflated advertising costs in this category, making it challenging to get noticed in this category. We noticed that the nation’s focus at the time was around air pollution, respiratory health and family well being. With increase in search volumes around these areas, we saw the opportunity to be adaptive and contextually relevant to our consumers. It’s also more cost effective as our competitors were not actively bidding on keywords in these areas.

Media Execution
We selected popular keywords during this time, such as “Haze in Malaysia”, “Air Pollution Index Malaysia”, “Haze Indonesia”, “PSI Malaysia”, “Haze Reading” and so on. Then, we created multiple ad copy around enjoying pizza at home, strategically targeting searches around lunch and dinner time. We optimized this campaign by increasing or decreasing our bids based on the severity of the haze. Essentially, we created a first-in-category innovation where search was driven by weather triggers and bidding was triggered by haze severity.

Results and Effectiveness
With the change in strategy, results went through the roof. Conversion rates increased by 70% and Pizza Hut Delivery sales increased by 250% from Jul/Aug to Sept/Oct. This extraordinary result was achieved without any incremental search budget.