Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Mobile Moms First: improving on a global benchmark

Advertiser: SCA Hygiene
Brand: Drypers
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
Drypers needed to recruit Moms to join its online loyalty club, DrypersBabyClub (DBC). Agency had run campaigns to drive membership in previous year. However, as the consumer consumption pattern changed, we need to re-strategize.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Moms love taking baby photos and sharing them on online. 80% of them now accessing to their social media accounts through mobile phones. Realizing this behaviour change, Drypers launched a new website concept called “One Site” in 2015 – where the website funnel has been reserved. Its desktop version is taking lead from its 1st screen, the Mobile Site. STRATEGY & IDEA: We re-structured our media strategy, with mobile buy taking leads. Our new media funnel: Engage->Experience->Engulf.

Media Execution
(A) ENGAGE: media placement mirroring parenthood’s cycle.
• Pre planning: Search, for pregnancy tips, child’s motor development. Convert Active Consideration to membership.
• Pregnancy: laser-precise Gmail Ads, we used keywords and website-domain targeting Moms subscribing to parenting products, including competitors’.
• After birth: Facebook Link ads targeting baby fans on smartphones. Highest budget here, for media reach.

(B) ENGULF: conversion transforms here. The ease of navigation & registration on DBC One Site is a big step of landing page optimization, critical to online performance campaign.

(C) EXPERIENCE: the whole new DBC benefits. Point Shop gift redemption, constant eDM to keep Moms update, monthly Facebook contest for members only. Optimization pillars:
• Media buy: arbitrage between mobile (high conversion rate, low cost, high Malay users, lower purchasing power) vs desktop (lower conversion, high cost, high Chinese users, higher purchasing power).
• Media attribution: building Customer Lifetime Value for highest value cluster targeting.

Results and Effectiveness
• Amazing campaign, 90,000 sign-ups in 12 months, a global client record!
• 30% increase in brand loyalty.
• 80% sign-up from mobile phone, at 45% lower Cost per Acquisition than desktop.
• 95% members’ retention rate.
• Contributed to the #1 market share for diapers category, at 39%.