Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Breasts. Testicles. Touching oneself. How we got away by showing all three.

Advertiser: AIA
Brand: AIA
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The Challenge
AIA wanted to grow demand for their cancer protection plans. Unfortunately, Malaysians dislike talking about the big-C in public, and ads on cancer awareness have become a blind spot.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Through insight we knew this: People tend to read articles on cancer online only after they or their loved ones have been diagnosed with it. But what if we could make available information on early cancer detection – could we peak people’s interest? After all, if someone you love is potentially at risk, wouldn’t you make sure he/ she was well protected especially if 95% of cancer is preventable if detected early.

Media Execution
We knew when it comes to a sensitive topic like cancer, online audiences are more susceptible when communications is placed in environment where real content is shared. We promoted two educational videos (one for him, one for her) through used programmatic targeting to find the right audiences – adults 25 – 50 years. The video showed users how to do a simple cancer self-check then directed them to the microsite. Here we could convey details about cancer prevention, driving leads.
1. Facebook: targeting lifestyle interest content for male and female audiences. Highest budget focused here. Through sponsored ads we promoted multiple post – one to engage the audience with a simple 3 step method to cancer self-check and two, to reward them if they signed up on the site
2. Programmatic audience targeting: We sought out look-a-like audiences based on online behavior. Optimization applied throughout the campaign based on two phases: i. Directed budgets towards post that performed the best (highest conversion rate, lower cost) ii. Refining the targeting from 25 – 50 to 25 – 40 to improve results

Results and Effectiveness
• A whopping 1,209% increase in sales
• 25,057 clicks to microsite, 32% higher than planned target
• Facebook posts exceeded industry CTR benchmarks with 3.20% (awareness post) and 8.08% (engagement post)