Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Same Product. A new story every time

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Gear S2
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
Wearable technology is a relatively new concept. According to 2015 UK study, the majority believes “it’s just a fad”. When Samsung wanted to introduce their GearS2 Smartwatch, initial research showed that most Malaysians didn’t understand the product. The challenge was to connect and drive usage relevancy of GearS2 with just 1 Global TVC asset.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Smartwatches are still deemed just for techies, but not the masses. Design is key compete for consumer’s wrist against traditional watches. But with GearS2, it is a fashionable yet functional smartwatch with reliable activity tracker and applications. We identified 3 target segments: Business Professionals, Social Trendsetters, and Fitness Enthusiasts.

Media Execution
Beyond standard targeting strategy, we applied Google’s beta video technology to turn one GearS2 global TVC into many videos by overlaying each video with a custom message. Instead of opening with the generic product visual, we overlay with the custom message (e.g: Gear Up for Business) on the first few seconds of the video to allow viewers to discover a product they knew with a twist. We also highlighted the key features (e.g: Easy Access to App, Reminder App) that’s relevant to the target segment. From one single TVC, we created 16 customised videos to spread out during the campaign period. The sign-off was consistent: GearS2 gets better with every turn. Our videos appeared when users searched for relevant keywords, or competitive product/ content.

Results and Effectiveness
Ad-recall outperformed the Apple iWatch (by 6%) Smartwatches are generally seen as a techy product for guys. Our campaign attracted a 30% lift from women, and 12.2% from men. Average view-thru rate increased by 170% against past benchmarks We reached 57,000 users with an average 1.3 impressions Average cost-per-view for device targeting optimized at 10% lower than base TVC 19% lift in ad-recall, 31% lift in consideration compared to non-viewers.