Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

How Far will you Travel the World for a Hug?

Advertiser: AirAsia Berhad
Brand: AirAsia
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The Challenge
45,000 Malaysians are diagnosed with cancer every year, including children. Children whose future is uncertain and whose desire to see the world is put on hold. The latter had reached AirAsia, and AirAsia began to challenge itself on how to become an ambassador of hope for children with cancer. We were tasked to make AirAsia a known advocate.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Cancer patients dream big, and their conditions make them want to achieve more while they (still) can. This inspired AirAsia to help in a big way, and it scouted for a media platform for this advocacy. TravellingBeruang began as a TV3 telemovie idea inspired by AdikMime, a young child with big dreams diagnosed with cancer. Upon learning, AirAsia knew it had its opportunity. How did AirAsia capitalize on TravelingBeruang? By “transporting” AdikMime. Because she’s not permitted to fly, she instead sent her bear to travel and meet cancer patients in other countries.

Media Execution
AirAsia identified actor Ungku to carry the bear on behalf of AdikMime, as he had previously met AdikMime during his character research. Moreover, Ungku has vast following on social media with public and artists alike. This was critical because his multi-country journey was documented on social media. Fellow artists who saw him were inspired, and this created a ripple effect that amplified the advocacy beyond what was initially hoped for. Everywhere Ungku goes, Malaysians have bear-fies (bear selfies) with the caption #travellingberuang.

Results and Effectiveness
Millions were moved. Ungku’s influence touched celebrities like FaraFauzana, ElfiraLoy, ShukriYahaya, AzrelIsmail, FizaSabjahan, IzreenAzminda, JannaNick, and NazimOthman who volunteered and encouraged their followers. #travellingberuang was used approximately 17,000 times on Instagram and accumulated over 340,000 Tweets. Facebook reached 1,000,000 – all impressive social media numbers. Lastly, the campaign accomplished the dream of a child to “travel”, “see”, and “touch” the world, and everybody knew it was through AirAsia.