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How AIA got the whole country talking about health

Advertiser: AIA
Brand: AIA
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The Challenge
Most Malaysians only think about buying health insurance when it’s too late. And even then, they’ll decide on the first company that comes to mind. AIA Malaysia wants to capture this market and drive sales.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
In 2014, a study revealed a serious message – 50% of Malaysian adults are seriously unhealthy. Health insurance should have a natural take up but most Malaysians are too preoccupied taking care of their family to worry about their own health. AIA’s task was ginormous: Promoting statistics or using a celebrity endorser would make the message seem not genuine. When it comes to hearing such a message, we needed a person they trust most. If you were a parent, that person would be your own child; someone who genuinely cares for your personal well-being. Our strategy – recruit kids to drive realization among adults. We knew if the kids succeeded in helping their parents see their personal state of health, AIA could start conversations that lead to health insurance. Then by placing the content on social – it would grow conversations with potential insurance buyers. With that, we launched AIA’s Health Report Card.

Media Execution
We released the 2min video on Youtube. Viewers saw parents being handed a report card then discovering the results were their own. Because the kids were not ‘acting’ their actions touched the hearts of Malaysians. Using Facebook, we promoted the health test inviting parents, siblings and even co-workers to rate someone else’s health and share it publicly on their social page. We selected heartfelt messages from loved ones and shared it – creating more conversations on AIA’s social page.

Results and Effectiveness
Sales for AIA’s medical insurance increased by 42.2%. 26,000 Malaysians took the test, generating 120,000 health conversations (engagements), overachieving planned targets by 420% The video got 1.44mil views, 21.3% view rate, 6 points higher than the financial category