Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Turning 60 phones into 6,000 minutes of conversations.

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Galaxy S6
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Samsung Unpacked is a global annual event when the latest phones are announced. Interest peaks during this period, and from past years’ experience, fizzles out by the time the local market launches the same product. We needed to create talking points for Samsung and its consumers to sustain momentum until the local launch.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
In today’s tech world, people get bored easily, then they get better at ignoring you. We needed to inject some fun and keep people talking about us. Our idea – Put the new GalaxyS6 in peoples’ hands before it was available in Malaysia. Generosity turns strangers into friends, then into customers, and finally into spokespersons. It re-ignites people’s attention. Sharing the S6 with Malaysian consumers first lets them see it, feel it, experience it, and ultimately tell others about it.

Media Execution
We created the first nationwide treasure hunt for premium mobile phones. On social, we released cryptic clues on that there was 60 units held by a Mr.S6 anywhere in Malaysia. All participants had to do was follow the clues using #IwantmyGalaxyS6 and find him physically. Clues on Mr.S6’s whereabouts were released in real time, every hour. We created an event page on Facebook and kept fans’ attention spans locked in for days awaiting announcement of the next location. Using Facebook ads, we geo-targeted users when they tagged their location. We responded by teasing users and hinting their distance to Mr. S6! Social influencers joined the hunt and rallied their followers. Radio DJs from Era and Hitz FM radio further amplified the excitement on social.

Results and Effectiveness
The social sphere was buzzing with Galaxy S6 messages. Samsung maintained its no 1 position as most talked about premium mobile brand with search volumes increasing by +120%. Throughout the campaign period, we generated 6,000 minutes of non-stop with over 6,206 participants to the physical hunt.