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Audio turns to Visual to increase listenership

Advertiser: Star Media Radio Group
Brand: 988
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
988 is an established radio station but its listener base is ageing. How can agency help 988 increase its listenership and not blow a hole in the pocket?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
To gain audience share, radio stations would normally focus on promoting their DJs. But do our listeners really care? Young Chinese white collar adults have come of age. They are now more curious and involved in sociopolitical developments in the country. Coincidentally this is 988’s strength. 988 is respected for its dialogue sessions of hot topics heard on its Topline News slot. How can we bring this slot to a larger audience and then redirect them back to 988? We found our solution with, a Chinese website which aims to be the voice for Malaysia and has
more monthly audience than 988. On, our ToplineNews segment was given a second life.

Media Execution
For the first time, we took over’s main page video and turned the slot into 988 ToplineNews. Every morning, 988 ToplineNews was heard from 7.30-8.00am. After the live broadcast, the highlights from the audio file would be used in a 3 minute video, where audio is supplemented by images.’s team would put together daily, a video of the day on hot topics such as Cabinet Reshuffle, the weak Ringgit, Sandakan ransom, IS Attack, etc. Apart from clearly crediting 988 for the information, the video file is linked to 988’s website. With this, we encouraged listeners to tune in to both the on air and online versions of 988. Online banners and on air mentions supported the campaign.

Results and Effectiveness
On air Audio meets Online Visual was our match made in heaven. At only RM20,000 for two months, we helped increase listenership by 29%. Online listenership grew by 11% Acquisition cost = RM0.50 per listener.