Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Reality Show That Delivers Real Results For The Heart

Advertiser: Nestle
Brand: Nestle Omega Plus
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The Challenge
Cholesterol is the biggest health issue among Malaysians. Older people have higher risks of cholesterol problems, but they ignore it. NestleOmegaPlus (NOP), a drink that addresses cholesterol problems, needs an open platform that engages senior citizens to think about cholesterol and take action for their heart health.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
“KILAUAN EMAS” (KE) is Malaysia’s most popular reality show whose contestants are Malay senior citizens. This is our ideal target market and a perfect partnership. Contestants undergo continuous trainings and rehearsals to prepare them for the win, making it a test of endurance. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to position NOP for a live-on-television efficacy test with the contestants, who are in their golden years, in real time.

Media Execution
First, we SHOOK them up by putting short-listed contestants through the “Heart Age” app to identify their heart health status and trigger awareness of heart health. We tracked these until the end of Season 2. Then, we SHOCKED the nation with a finger prick blood test, live on TV. 6 out of 9 contestants were diagnosed with high bad cholesterol, alarming to the contestants themselves. Finally, we SURPRISED them with how 2 glasses of NOP a day can help solve their cholesterol problems. Every week, we continued tracking their heart health and helped them progress with a healthy lifestyle and diet. At the end of the reality show, contestants’ cholesterol levels improved.

Results and Effectiveness
KE contestants experienced an average of -12.6% reduction in bad cholesterol. This resulted in a 50% increase of consumer consideration in the past 2 months from H1 2015 — regaining some lapsed users post campaign. Compared to last year’s program sponsorship, more consumers have become aware of NOP’s Kilauan Emas sponsorship (2014’s 15% score vs 2015’s 33%). We have increased to 35% from 30% by end of H1 2015.