Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Watsons Got the Chinese Sitting Up Listening

Advertiser: Watsons Malaysia
Brand: Watsons
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
CNY is one of the biggest shopping seasons for the Chinese. With all advertisers shouting on price promotions, Watsons had to find a way to break through and engage with its target audience. How?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Apart from shopping and eating during CNY, the Chinese becomes very passionate about FengShui. Can FengShui somehow be the link between Watsons and the Chinese? FengShui is not religion or superstition. The use of FengShui is about gaining an advantage into natural energies in the environment. FengShui doesn’t promise miracles or immediate change. It fosters the practice of achieving a smooth sailing life and ultimately making things happen. It is with this understanding that we shape the campaign on the promise that personal care and health practices can pave the way for a smooth sailing life, ultimately making things happen.

Media Execution
We sponsored the yearly CNY program aired in AstroWLT named FengShuiVoyage, hosted by two famous and influential personalities: ChuiLing – talk show host JoeyYap – FengShui grandmaster ChuiLing acts as the everyman, asking questions about various situations such as her friend’s predicament in finding Mr. Right. JoeyYap offers solutions from the perspective of Feng Shui, birth chart, and face reading. During conversations on face reading, beauty and personal care practices are casually scripted in, hence linking concept and content to the brand. Series spinoff videos shows ChuiLing encouraging taking good care for a smooth sailing year. In-store activities were made consistent with the notion of “smooth sailing and beautiful new year” with products inspired by the show displayed at prominent areas in every store.

Results and Effectiveness
This unconventional execution led to rave reviews by the Chinese, leading to in-store results: – Membership response rate increased by 20% – Highest points accrued amongst the Chinese in 2 years – Sales higher by 13% as compared to previous year