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Jazz, Pop, Rock And Reggae, A New Way To Portray Cadbury Flavours!

Advertiser: Mondelez
Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk
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The Challenge
Cadbury has a wide variety of Dairy Milk flavours, ranging from fruits and nuts to black forest but young snackers habitually gravitated towards the familiar, being Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate. The challenge was to get consumers to open up to other Cadbury variety by demonstrating in media how they taste. Yes, discovering taste by not tasting. How is that even possible?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Cadbury’s proposition is to create joy, as chocolate has the ability to transform your mood. The different flavours can create different kinds of joyful moods. Similarly, music has the ability to change your mood and different genres create different kinds of joyful moods. Leveraging on this insight, agency felt that music has the ability to convey Cadbury’s different taste sensations: CHUNKY, CHEWY, SMOOTH and NUTTY. The idea? Musical Sampling

Media Execution
#FlavourBAEK (Good Flavour) with JoeFlizzow was born. We directed consumers to our online video content where they has the option to choose any texture. Upon selection, JoeFlizzow has a music for each:
• SMOOTH – Smooth jazz
• CHUNKY – Rock&Roll
• CHEWY – Mellow reggae
• NUTTY – Upbeat pop

We identified Facebook as a key platform to engage Cadbury fans and reach out to a younger audience. Cadbury Facebook page seeded out all JoeFlizzow video contents. We also created sharable stories about great music video covers by Malaysians talented Youtubers also featuring #FlavourBAEK to extend the association. Throughout, JoeFlizzow updated his own Twitter Account about #FlavourBAEK which we sponsored reaching out beyond JoeFlizzow’s fan base

Results and Effectiveness
CadburyDairyMilk Sales Value grew from 21.2% to 24% in August! GoogleYouTube BrandLift Study showed #FlavourBAEK achieved “Best-in-Class” with an increase of 27.2% in ad recall. A total of 5.2Mil impressions of which 1.4Mil were completed views. Achieving Reach of 79% on digital with exposure of 5.8Mil on Facebook and 3Mil on YouTube.