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2016 | |

Turning Simple Cookie Jars Into Duit Raya Icons That Capture Memories

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble Malaysia
Brand: P&G MBCI (Corporate)
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
P&G deployed cookie jars with writable packaging for personalized greetings, redeemable upon purchase of P&G products to capitalize on the big Raya festive sales push. Our task: trigger a movement of grocery buyers towards redemption of all cookie jars to maximize sales volume.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Maaf Zahir dan Batin, seeking of forgiveness, is an important greeting and intention during Raya. For people to publicly engage in something very personal, we needed to build their courage by: 1. Tapping aspirational figures to bravely do the initial greeting: through local Muslim celebrity influencers, and inspire the rest to do the same. 2. Giving our initial wave of celebrity greetings a more uplifting emotional tone: not just saying sorry but thank you to people that matter to them.

Media Execution
We inspired Muslim Malaysians through:
1. Tease: A video of celebrity greetings sponsored on Facebook & Twitter, posted on their own celebrity social media platforms, captioned with #katatakterkata to call consumers to share their own greetings, with a promise of a surprise.
2. Involve: The same celebrities then picked up consumer postings with the hashtag and record another video of themselves reading out and holding the cookie jar with specific consumer messages.
3. Amplify: As submissions poured into social media, another set of influencers were deployed to pick up and pay forward more personalized greetings, further emphasizing the use of the cookie jar as a greeting device. Organically seeded branded promotion posts with the same hashtag made consumers browsing the hashtag feed aware of the movement.

Results and Effectiveness
1. All 64,800 cookie jars fully redeemed.
2. 458,710 video views (66% organic)
3. 3,000 #katatakterkata submissions, averaging 22 persons converted per social update
4. 600,000 likes, comments & shares on all campaign social posts