Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |


Brand: Maybank Cards
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The Challenge
MALAY-NIALS (Young Malays) still preferred to use cash over virtual transactions. We had to convince them to give up on using Cash and encourage transactions through virtual mediums such as online transfer & E-commerce on M2U, Credit & Debit cards.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
AUDIENCE INSIGHTS MALAY-NIALS are afraid of E-Banking & find it complicated. However, research concluded that they would do anything that is cool & trendy. We fused this insight with other findings that Social Media reached 85% Malay-nials most of which were avid Celeb/blog followers. The agency suggested to create a movement with 36 celebs/influencers who convinced their 1,500,000 followers to change the way they bank. We called the movement #CASHISOLDSKOOL & designed a three-legged IEA (Ignite, Excite and Ascertain) strategy to propagate it on social media.

Media Execution
IGNITE: Celebrities kick-started the movement by provoking thought on social media with unbranded photo-posts of tips to be cool. Cashless transactions was one of the trends “TO BE COOL”. EXCITE: They posted their own pictures using Maybank virtual banking services on Instagram & Facebook. This was followed by status updates & tweets highlighting how Maybank Virtual Banking was “super cool”. ASCERTAIN: All 36 influencers & celebrities took a picture in a Maybank branded T-shirt holding a Maybank Credit/Debit card to demonstrate their total commitment towards the cause. This gave us additional traction and malay-nials started comprehending the pattern, COOL, CASHLESS AND MAYBANK.

Results and Effectiveness
1. Total unique eyeballs reached 14,333,967.
2. ATM cash withdrawals decreased by 12%
3. RM 6,000,000 less transactions of Cash.
4. And 120,000 fewer transactions.
5. 575,000 more transactions on the M2U online platform, an increase of 167%
6. Free Social & Offline PR worth 8,320,138.
7. 5,000,000+ interactions on Social media. 8. Approx. Rm 6,000,000,000 worth of additional revenue.