Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

How TM reinvented itself with the Makers of Tomorrow

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Brand: UniFi
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
TM being the oldest legacy landline player was always battling the perception of being out dated, backwards and conservative. To compete with other progressive telcos, TM had to change.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The idea of a community of innovators who tinker and prototype is going mainstream; creating innovations that change tomorrow, all powered by the Internet. TM called them the ‘MakersofTomorrow’ and saw an opportunity for UniFi to refresh its image by being the brand for them. But in 2015, the country was going through a slump, morale was low. TM wanted to inspire these Makers to not give up and to always believe in their dreams. Introducing #ForTheMakersofTomorrow, documentary webisodes featuring outstanding ‘Makers’ to inspire Malaysians to never give up on their journey.

Media Execution
We chose 5 Makers from different interests: music activism, culinary art, wood crafting, Lego builders and mural artists; and created 10 minute webisodes asking what their challenges were, what they do when they feel like giving up and how UniFi has helped them. Content was seeded through unbranded channels and key KOLs to drive buzz. We then collaborated with one of the Makers to create a mural featuring our makers achieving great things. Located in Masjid Jamek LRT station, it spans 175 feet, making it the longest indoor wall mural in Malaysia. We documented the ‘making of’, creating time lapse videos of each section and used that for additional branded content. Word of the mural spread socially via influencers/KOLs, Dark Networks and of course organic sharing.

Results and Effectiveness
Our campaign resulted in:

• Reached 84% of our target.

• Positive sentiment increased to 93% during the campaign launch.

• Generated 85mil reach on social media and 330,000 engagements on all our postings. On average, each #FTMOT posting generated 2,201 engagement.

• TM UniFi sales increased by +231%, new installations contributing to 77% of total subscriptions.