Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

How we inspired the youth of Malaysia by starting a visual dialogue with them

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Brand: UniFi
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
TM being the oldest landline player, has always battled perceptions of being out-dated, backwards and conservative. To compete with other progressive telcos, TM had to change.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The idea of a community of innovators who tinker and prototype is going mainstream; creating innovations that change tomorrow, all powered by the Internet. TM called them the ‘Makers-of-Tomorrow’ and saw an opportunity for UniFi to refresh its image by being the brand for them. They were fed up with conventional advertising though; we had to change the way we reached them. Thus, we decided to engage them in a visual dialogue via a mural. Murals have always been part of popular culture in Malaysia because they highlight social, political and economic issues while involving viewers in a visual dialogue.

Media Execution
We collaborated with foursomekl, a group of self-taught artists who believe they can change the world through art, to create a mural featuring various Malaysian Makers achieving great things. To inspire a visual dialogue, we embedded QR codes so people could interact with it. The mural spans 175 feet, making it the longest indoor wall mural in Malaysia. Smaller murals were done at Jalan Sultan Ismail and Nu Sentral. They were broadcasted digitally so anyone could see and feel inspired. We documented the ‘making of’, creating time lapse videos. Then we made #ForTheMakersOfTomorrow bottled water featuring the mural on the label; free at LRT stations and selected cafes in Klang Valley. Word of the mural spread socially via influencers, paid content on dark networks and organic sharing.

Results and Effectiveness
• Reached 84% of our target.
• Positive sentiment for TM increased to 93%.
• Generated 85mil reach on social media and 330,000 engagements on all our postings. On average, each organic #FMOT posting generated 2,201 engagement.
• TM UniFi sales increased by +231% with new installations contributing to 77%

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