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Making The No.1 Science Program

Advertiser: PETRONAS Group
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The Challenge
Since 2009, Petrosains has conducted annual nationwide inter-school science competitions to promote alternative science learning to school students. The competition had very little awareness amongst our core audience, school students, because it isn’t promoted through advertising. We launched a pilot phase in 2014 where we tested the idea of giving the competition TV coverage to extend its reach and gather learnings on how to connect with children on-air. How could we grow awareness in 2015?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
INSIGHT: 71% of Children 17 years old & below spend more than 2 hours watching TV. The trend of reality competition shows for kids such as Masterchef Jr and Project Runway Threads was on the rise. MEDIA STRATEGY: We selected Astro TVIQ since it targets our core audience. We would launch innovative engaging content. IDEA: We created the first ever reality TV show that pits school teams against one another in a science competition. Children get to root for their favourite teams and see their rise from zero to hero.

Media Execution
Each episode championed the participants themselves where we documented every single emotion, challenges & hard work that the school students had to go through in the competition. We also understood the growing trend of multiscreen and gave the program a digital leg where viewers can continue the conversation and interact with the program by asking science myths on Petrosains’ social media. We debunked those myths on TV. Debunks also gave viewers a chance to do their own experiments at home.

Results and Effectiveness
We successfully captured the essence the competition and alternative science learning on-air. Program became the No.1 MOST WATCHED local science programme on Astro TVIQ Top 5 most watched programmes on ASTRO TVIQ! Reached over 1.8 million viewers (591% increase from 2014) Earned media value (social and PR) RM 654K Media ROI: 14.3x Importantly, awareness amongst school students increased 38%