Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Traffic Standstill Turns Comic Stand-Up

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble Malaysia
Brand: Ambi Pur
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The Challenge
In a category perceived by consumers as non-essential, AmbiPur Car air freshener (Mini Clip) needed to drive category growth, by improving brand penetration through accelerated trial. For people to try us, we first had to permeate their mindspace.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We learned three factors drive significant entry into consumers’ mindspace: 1. Frequency: reminding users periodically. 2. Undivided consumer attention 3. Laser targeting at the moment of truth: the car driving moment. Traffic is familiar and frustrating territory for every Malaysian. They frequently rely on social-based GPS, Waze to get to their destination with ease. In this frustrating environment, receptivity to passive media radio and OOH is low but receptivity to Waze peaks, which we leveraged to connect with drivers

Media Execution
The voice on a GPS navigation application is the soul of the application. We partnered with Waze and integrated into the very fabric of the app in two ways: 1. First, we created a branded voice prompt, a first in Asia, where Wazers could then replace the drab default voice on Waze with the voice of Harith Iskandar, a top Malaysian comedian and AmbiPur brand ambassador, and through customized brand messages in his trademark style, help Wazers navigate through the road. We raised awareness of the availability of Harith’s voice prompt within Waze and via promoted posts on Facebook. 2. Second, we extended the partnership with Watsons by designing a promo which users could avail of when they took a downloadable coupon to Watsons for a discount on AmbiPur. Branded pins were placed at participating Watsons stores to maximize the awareness within the 2 months campaign period.

Results and Effectiveness
189,030 Wazers downloaded our branded voice prompt! The Ambi Pur “Mini Clip” market share improved by 10% and 26% respectively in the two months the campaign ran, and reached its HIGHEST EVER market share shortly thereafter!