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How Innershine helped Malay women redefine beauty

Advertiser: Cerebos
Brand: Innershine
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Innershine is a premium prune essence drink. It delivers nutritional and detoxification benefits, while promoting overall beauty and radiance. However, competitors were offering more compelling reasons, we needed to persuade Malay women to consider Innershine’s 12 day detox programme.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Ads that only emphasize outer beauty do not resonate well with Malay women. They are used to covering up, and many want to think of themselves as modest and demure. We had to go deeper. To the Malay psyche, true beauty is being confident in who you are. Our Idea – FIND YOUR INNER VOICE It was really about inner transformation – find the voice within you to be the best daughter, mother, wife you can be. This is true beauty.

Media Execution
What you say is one thing, what you do is another. We approached three of Malaysia’s most loved celebrities: , Kaka Azraff, Marsha Milan and Hunny Madu, and invited them to do the unthinkable for a celebrity – appear in a Youtube video without makeup! We created a catchy 2 minute MTV with famed composer Hadi Hassan; a story about transformation through a change in perspective, and by implication, taking Innershine. Then,invited our audience to do a cover for a chance to win a recording with Hadi. The campaign saw over 200 women submitting their renditions inspired by our original MTV and sharing it on Innershine’s social platforms, bringing the girls into the public space and transforming previously shy girls into bolder, confident women! On Facebook, we promoted the journey of 10 finalists and created posts that inspired Malay women to embrace their inner strength. We streamed the finale event live on Facebook extending the campaign’s reach.

Results and Effectiveness
We received 500,000 views on the transformation video and 30,000 engagements on Innershines’ Facebook page (a client record!) Innershine now associated with transformation – physically and holistically.

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