Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

The best way to see a wide-selfie is through your ears.

Advertiser: Samsung
Brand: Galaxy A
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Youths today, 18 – 24 year olds want cheap smartphones. Samsung was perceived as expensive. They want to try new brands. Most of our market had a Samsung at some point, and now want something different. Against this backdrop, and a gloomy economic climate, we were tasked to launch the Galaxy A-Series. It had a wide-selfie camera, and was positioned as ‘Amazing yet Affordable’.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Three things we know about youths: 1)They love selfies 2)They love music 3)They don’t want to be spammed with information about a product; they want to feel a connection to it. Youths need a reason to purchase, to be part of something bigger with like-minded folks. We created a platform to bring together all youths everywhere. “Bestnya Bersama” (Better Together) featured the hottest local acts. Bands came together to fuse genres to perform a never-heard-before sound. All this however, was just a lead-up to the main event: A massive, mammoth wide-selfie with the musicians and festival-goers!

Media Execution
To promote Bestnya Bersama, we worked with Media Prima Radio Network (MPRN). Everything from the call-to-entry to organizing the event depended on this partnership.

• MPRN gave listeners exclusive passes to Bestnya Bersama through a wide-selfie contest • Announcers hyped the event during drive-time and the music-belt

• Cruisers took wide-selfies with fans, and provided live station crossback

• Social media and content seeding further amplified the event

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign saw over 1,700 youths in attendance Media ROI up 33% above annual commitment. Wide-selfie contest submission surpassed KPI by 300%. 35% increase in social engagement on the Bestnya Bersama site Consumer intent for Galaxy-A series increased by 30% post campaign. Most importantly, we took the wildest wide-selfie ever, and kick-started the wide-selfie trend among young people!