Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

1st ever Weather-based Real Time campaign

Advertiser: Clarins Sdn Bhd
Brand: Clarins
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
When Malaysia was hit by haze from Indonesian fires, Clarins saw an opportunity to launch its unique UV+Anti-Pollution Skin Whitening range. But Clarins needed media innovation to break through the cluttered facecare category.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
INSIGHTS: A. Women want fairer, healthier skin. 80% of them consume beauty content on their mobile phones. B. When they are outdoors, adverse weather conditions are a moment of truth for women, triggering skincare concerns. Media needed to bring alive 2 product key propositions, namely UV-protection, and Pollution-protection. STRATEGY & IDEA: Our strategy was to create brand presence at women’s Moment-of-Truth, i.e. during adverse weather conditions, when UV rays ate ultra-strong, or air is polluted. But we are not a weather company, nor can we control the weather. We need to find an innovative solution. We took a radical move, we innovated by partnering with a weather website to create dynamic, weather-contextual ads, on mobile phones.

Media Execution
We appointed a mobile tech partner to synch our media buy with the weather website’s feed, thus reading weather data real-time. When the site showed high UV Index (UVI), our UV ad copy will be displayed. When the weather site detects high pollution rate, the Pollution ad copy will show. The UVI Reader could detect various levels of UV rays, UVI 5-6 as “Moderate”, and UVI 7+ as “Dangerous”, with different ad copy displayed accordingly, urging women to protect their skin. Redemption form was also embedded in ads, to drive women to Clarins retail counters, for new product trial. We targeted a network with high female traffic websites.

Results and Effectiveness
• Reached 7.3 million eyeballs in 2 weeks.

• 10% sample application forms downloaded on mobile phone vs general industry benchmark at 4% (250% higher!).

• 11% actual redemption rate at Clarins counter, 265% higher than normal campaigns.

• Clarins is the first skincare advertiser to create weather-based digital campaigns in Malaysia!