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Hitman David Foster and Friends Asia Tour 2015 : That’s What Friends Are For

Advertiser: Genting Malaysia Berhad
Brand: Resorts World Malaysia
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Visitor numbers to Genting have been down since the outdoor theme park closed and competitors in Johor and Singapore surfaced. A massive revamp and renovation of the resort was planned, but would only be ready late-2016. Music was a way to maintain visitor numbers, but how would Genting’s passé image be combated?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The answer was nostalgia. David Foster and Friends were performing for one night only at the Arena of Stars. They were not trendy, but had a strong following among an older audience with more disposable income. To turn the con into a pro, we sought to remind audiences of how important David Foster songs were in the soundtrack of their life. There is a David Foster song for every life milestone – a crush, true love or heartbreak. Using radio as a medium, we would remind everyone how they (secretly) loved his songs, tempting them up to Genting to hear them live.

Media Execution
Like a song, the campaign would unfold in stages. First, the introduction. Or re-introduction, in this case, where radio partner Lite FM inserted David Foster songs into playlists, increasing familiarity and affinity. Then the verse, spotlighting David Foster through a special radio segment broadcast over peak weekend driving periods, inviting audiences to Genting. The chorus kicks in, and David Foster himself participated in a fan session and interviews, previewing the concert. Finally, the climax – the concert itself, accompanied by another special radio segment and ticket giveaways.

Results and Effectiveness
All seats at the Arena of Stars were sold and occupied, even at premium prices. Total concert gross is estimated at RM4 million, with more than 4,500 tickets made available. The music was reviewed well and, crucially, music ensured the concertgoers stayed on – on the weekend of the concert, room bookings in Genting surged.

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