Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Asia’s 1st ever Online Trainathon with PUMA PACTlist!

Advertiser: PUMA Malaysia
Brand: PUMA Running Shoes
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Puma is re-positioning itself as a sports training brand, and wanted to create sales for Puma Ignite shoes.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
INSIGHTS: A. People feel demotivated to train alone. B. Our best motivator is ourself. Not anyone else. Hence Puma decided to push its tagline #nomatterwhat, encouraging people to train #nomatterwhat.

STRATEGY & IDEA: To set ourselves apart, we created an online PACT campaign, where users pledge to themselves that they will train “faster, stronger and fiercer. #nomatterwhat”. Once they made the PACT, users would join a whole new sports concept, the 24 hours Puma “Trainathon”. This concept is 1st ever created in Asia. Trainathon-ers can also choose to train using Puma’s mobile app on other days, together with our world class Trainathon-ers, Rihanna, Usain Bolt, the Arsenal F.C. team, and Sergio Aguero.

Media Execution
Media execution had to create hype and excitement. We went (way….) beyond banner ads, and innovated new ad formats: 1. Twitter PACT Card, a customised Website Card, directing users to a widget to PACT. 2. Spotify Pactlist: a customised Playlist reaching 2.8mil Spotify subscribers. 4 music tracks was crafted, each for the celebrity Trainathon-er. A list of songs will then be auto-generated according to users’ choice of celebrity, their own heartbeat, speed & duration of training. 3. “Chunky” Social Influencers, a group of gym trainers & body builders with at least 50,000 sports followers on their social media pages, promoting our campaign. 150 social postings generated in 4 weeks.

Results and Effectiveness
• Generated 26 million eyeballs within 4 weeks.

• Contributed to 40% sales-through-rate of Puma Ignite shoes within 10 weeks. this equates to 100% above client’s KPI.

• 115% higher than KPI, participants who joint the PACT and the Trainathorn.

• PR coverage worth RM1.2million, across 25 media.

• Campaign was later copied across 5 markets in Asia, thanks to its amazing Malaysia success.

• Campaign is recognized as the 1st ever in Asia by