Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

#MAGICSIM 1st EVER Multiscreen SYNC Between TV & Mobile

Advertiser: Celcom Axiata Berhad
Brand: Xpax Magic Sim
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
XPAX, a prepaid brand by Celcom, was set to stun the nation by a fabulous offer called Magic Sim. But we had to overcome two main challenges: 1. Extensive list of offers could not be communicated in a 30 sec commercial-High poroduct & media costs. 2. 60% of TV advertising was being wasted.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea

1. Malaysians consume 3.5 hrs of Mobile every day.

2. Malaysians look at their phones 150+ times a day.

3. BUT….69% USED MOBILE WHILE WATCHING TV Idea and Strategy Agency launched Malaysia’s first ever multiscreen sync between TV & Mobile by creating a seamless journey between the two most highly consumed screen mediums. Mobile ads were served on social and display networks simultaneously with XPAX’s TVC to provide consumers with detailed information about Magic Sim. This was done through ACR (audio recognition technology) that picked up TV audio signals to impeccably serve mobile ads to those watching the program.

Media Execution
Our magical multiscreen strategy had two main execution tactics: 1. Key Programs & Time belt targeting High viewership Time belt & program targeting across social & display platforms. This was particularly done on Facebook and Display networks. For precision in targeting we harmonized digital ads with program type to increase campaign performance. 2. Customization of Frequency & Creative The first frequency was served in English to youth in market centers – while other urban and rural youth was exposed to vernacular ads. We divided the campaign creative by language and prototype of the TV program & served customized ads for traditional Malays and Chinese in their own languages.

Results and Effectiveness
Contributed 30% increase in Xpax Prepaid sells

20,000+ packs per day sold for 6 weeks- highest ever.

CTR increased by a phenomenal 492% – 69,699 social mentions

Earned Media worth 4,900,000+

Traffic to website grew by 48%

#MAGICSIM trended for 21 consecutive days, ogranically