Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Tiger Beer to uncage street flavours

Advertiser: Guinness Anchor Berhad
Brand: Tiger
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
There’s little differentiation between mainstream beer brands. With alcohol advertising highly regulated in Malaysia, how do we establish Tiger as the number one beer against competition?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We tapped into consumer trends and discovered that street food plays a big part of our target’s life yet they don’t talk much about it. Instead, they socialize the higher-end food that they eat because it makes them look more sophisticated in the social space. With Tiger’s roots as the Asian beer, we saw an opportunity to relate to our target through Malaysia’s biggest social activity: Street Food. To ignite our target’s pride in local food, we took them on a journey to discover different street flavors through digital. Waze was identified as the key platform. Despite adhering to Malaysia’s alcohol advertising regulations, we made history by flipping our campaign around and seduced consumers to Tiger Bites trail via tempting messages about authentic street food and directing them to the hidden spots through Waze.

Media Execution
To instigate excitement, we created TigerBites pins pointing consumers to the curated hidden food jewels and customized messages to entice them. To further fuel passion, we then empowered them to be part of the exploration by contributing to the street food trails. Users could also drop location pins for great secret street eats along the way. Tiger’s social platform drove talkability where communications of these food trails was time-targeted to stir up hungry tummies. Ultimately this adventure drove new audiences to satisfy their food cravings at places where Tiger Beer was served!

Results and Effectiveness
Tiger Bites became a success directly impacting sales with a 3% growth vs 2014. Tiger’s top-of-mind awareness increased tremendously from 33% to 39%. #tigerbites successfully reached out to 12 million users in the digital space and an additional 3,000 food trails were created through crowd source.