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2016 | |

Let’s ‘Hear’ That Shiny Hair Flip

Advertiser: Shiseido Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: Tsubaki
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
A beautiful model spins and flips her silky long hair. A cliché scene seen in all shampoo TV ads. We could not afford (yet another) TVC because of limited budget, so what can make Tsubaki different and literally shine brighter than others?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We grew up watching shampoo TVCs. Every woman can probably nail the hair flip in their sleep. Flip hair slowly, turn head at 45degrees from bottom to top. Stop. Smile. What if we took away this classic scene? Can shampoo efficacy still come through if we just talked about it? We decided to remodel and present this classic scene differently. After all, humans are curious and take note when their normality is challenged. Our big idea: ‘The Tsubaki Flip and Shine’ competition with MyFM!

Media Execution
Radio announcers led the campaign by uploading different versions of hair flip videos weekly, encouraging their listeners to submit their own hair flip videos; from annoyed hair flips, jogging hair flips, to seductive and crazy hair flips. Radio contest promos followed to amplify the message and recruit even more listeners to submit hair flip videos according to the weekly theme. Complimenting that was on ground sampling with radio cruisers at 60 locations! All videos were featured on MyFMs Tsubaki’s micropage to challenge listeners do better and to recruit more flippers. To end the campaign, the Top 10 finalists were showcased at the Tsubaki roadshow finale, featuring their #1 radio announcer, Wayne.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign reached 2,030,000 listeners and 495,000 people online while garnering 2,200 new FB likes! We collated 220 different styles of flipping hair, and causing many stiff necks requiring MCs. Sales for Tsubaki increased a whopping 22% YoY in two consecutive months! This radio campaign won the Best Initiative (Asia) award in the 2016 Watsons Group Global Supplier Awards for its effectiveness!

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