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BSN Revealed A New Look By Literally Taking Off Its (Newspaper) Cover

Advertiser: Bank Simpanan National
Brand: Bank Simpanan National
Creative Agency:

The Challenge
Bank Simpanan Malaysia (BSN), a government-owned financial institution founded in 1974, would like to change its identity to appeal to a wider audience, particularly those in market centers. Agency was tasked to come up with a dramatic reveal in media.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
To contemporize its image, BSN introduced a new logo on 15 October2015. The new corporate colour portrayed BSN as a forward looking financial institution that’s dynamic with the changing times. As with any financial institutions, banks are about secrecy and transparency at the same time. Secrecy is about security. While transparency is about the way it conducts its business. With the new logo, agency felt it could hype up the drama on transparency to reveal the new BSN. This inspired us to execute it uniquely in media.

Media Execution
In partnership with Harian Metro, we created the first-ever multiple page “translucent cover wrap”. Readers were greeted with a simple yet heartwarming “Hello Malaysia” message on a clean translucent wrap which leads to BSN’s new logo. What added drama in the reveal was the 4-page consecutive cover wraps that revealed its brand promise and pillars. The reveal didn’t stop in the covers. It was accompanied by editorials on BSN’s milestones written no less than Harian Metro’s editors themselves. This ensured that the tone & manner were consistent with the paper – and that added depth & drama into the reveal.

Results and Effectiveness
The reveal achieved excellent results! It created a lot of hype and talkablility within the banking industry as well as the general public:

• Capturing the attention of over 4 million offline and online readers from the whole of Malaysia

• Editorial coverage were spun-off to all Harian Metro digital assets mainly which has monthly page views of 41 million, Twitter at 377,000 followers, and HM Online Facebook at nearly 2,400,000 fans