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How To Make A Billboard Be Seen And Heard From 5 Kilometers Away

Advertiser: Mondelez
Brand: Chipsmore
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Chipsmore is known as great tasting, fun and great appeal with kids for many years. Also consumed by adults (teatime and supper), Chipsmore’s appeal has begun to diminish as they transitioned to teenage and stopped consuming Chipsmore. Business challenge face is to resonate, appeal and making the brand relevant to them again. Agency was challenged to create a campaign where it’ll be more acceptable for teens/young adults without alienating Chipsmore’s current users

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
In a recent Asia teens study, it was revealed that Malaysian teens/young adult finds that their everyday lives consists of routine moments (school, traffic, bus rides) and seek fun moments. We want them:
• To see light-hearted view of the world despite life’s hiccups and sees the humor.
• Appreciate small gratifying moments of light‐hearted fun with small rewards with hits of humor throughout the day to keep their positivity alive The idea: Moments with Cookie Guy

Media Execution
They spend their time on fun and witty stuff on media – 9GAG, BuzzFeed. We wanted Cookie Guy be witty fun during dull moments – which is while they are in transit. We innovatively created an interactive billboard equipped with cameras. Additionally, mobile geo-targeting provided navigational instructions to cars within 5-km radius to direct them towards the interactive billboards. Once cars approach the billboard, personalized message from CookieGuy would appear alongside plate numbers (“WA8196U relax la.. Don’t look so worried, it’s just traffic jam” #takeiteasy). This was also synced simultaneously on mobile! Hilarious, witty messages were reflected throughout to turn boring times into fun.

Results and Effectiveness
This pioneering out-of-home execution produced 5,615 user-generated videos! That’s a lot of happy teens who needed a dose of fun, and #takeiteasy became the most commonly used online lingo amongst teens with 3.2 million usage. More importantly, our teens kept buying! Q32015 sales went up 18% compared versus year ago.

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