Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Malaysia

Advertiser: PETRONAS Group
Brand: PETRONAS Group
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
After 2 decades of PETRONAS bringing Malaysians together through heart-warming commercials, we needed to refresh the Merdeka spirit.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
INSIGHT: Malaysians are proud of their heritage and national pride is high during Merdeka & Malaysia Day. It is the month Malaysians share the joy of being who we are. We wanted to tap into that spirit and bring the campaign to life via a nationwide road trip.
IDEA: We activated Malaysians to take part in the first ever Merdeka Reality Show : Merdeka Man One man, One mission.

Media Execution
We appointed a Merdeka Man with a mission to travel 14 states in 14 days to find out what Merdeka means to Malaysians. The catch? Merdeka Man would rely on help from Malaysians to hitchhike. In return for rides, Merdeka Man will help to fill petrol. He will then document the stories of the people he meets in his journey. By the end of his mission he compiled a collage of Malaysian stories in time for Merdeka. He started each day by doing hourly live calls on Hitz and Era and tagged his location on social media to call out for hitchhikers. Participants in turn will pick him up and drive him to the next location. He documents stories of all the people he meets on social media. From Kangar to JB, Kuching to KK, Merdeka Man gets first-hand

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign successfully completed all 14 states within 14 days. Merdeka Man hitch hiked and covered over 3,000 kilometers. His social media travelogue received over 257 million impressions. Over 15 million in earned and owned media mentions. Media ROI: 7.8x PETRONAS continued the legacy of Bringing Malaysians together for the past 2 decades.

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