Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

It’s not the journey. It’s not the destination! It’s mini oreo!

Advertiser: Mondelez Malaysia
Brand: Mini Oreo
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
MiniOreo with its bite sized form, is the perfect on-the-go snack. As a new product in the market we needed to build a strong base. So how can we reach out to families when they are on the move and trigger their impulse to purchase MiniOreo?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
83% of Malaysians ‘balik kampung’ to their hometowns during CNY by road. However the journey in getting there is usually a long, frustrating ordeal with massive traffic jams; not helped by their children acting up due to boredom or even worse disengaged as they are too busy on their mobile devices. Everybody looks forward to their destination, but not the journey. Hence MiniOreo was to be the catalyst in making family car travel a fun and exciting journey.

Media Execution
We created an Eco system of all possible travelling touch points consisting of Radio, Waze, Petronas stations and MiniOreo Cars. We made kids, instead of inwardly playing on their phones and tablets interact with others and their surroundings with “Spot the MiniOreo Car” contest. We deployed 5 MiniOreo Cars along the north south highway where they were driving on the roads or parked at Petronas petrol stations. Travellers were to spot these vehicles, snap a picture and tag #MiniOreoCar to win a CNY special hamper. The same mechanics was announced in key radio stations. Once the travellers were within the 5km radius, Waze gives a heads up for a chance of spotting a MiniOreo Car with an option to drive there. Once reached, they can play on ground interactive games with MiniOreo representatives.

Results and Effectiveness
15,500 families were reached during the 14 days campaign. Oreo mini cars travelled over 23,000 km during the campaign. Wazers clicked 27,137 times; saved and drove to location 9,153 times. Market share improved by 17.5% and sales in convenience stores grew by 37%.