Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

3,000 submissions, 2 weeks, 1 video uniting Malaysians

Advertiser: Celcom
Brand: Celcom Escape
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The Challenge
Branded and non-branded storytelling has been a staple in festive celebrations throughout Malaysia. During pre-festive periods especially during HariRayaAidilfitri, companies would be racing to put out their best video content that typically revolves around family and communal values, perseverance, reunion and reconciliation. Our Challenge: How can create a non-branded pre-festive content that will stand out from the rest by keeping away from clichés but still resonating with the target audience?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
INSIGHT 1: Crowdsourcing is not a new concept and has been growing in popularity. 70% of consumers are more interested in peer-to-peer content above professionally curated content.
INSIGHT 2: SelamatHariRaya by Saloma is predominantly the most popular festive song during HariRayaAidilfitri, known to all ages and races.
STRATEGY: To capitalize on the popularity of the song and re-producing it using content sourced from all over Malaysia
IDEA: We launched SalomaHariRaya, an on-ground street activation recruiting as many Malaysians to sing excerpts of SelamatHariRaya to be edited into a festive video content

Media Execution
Execution was critical, as we had a tight deadline.
1. 15 people were hired across the country for 2 weeks to record videos of locals singing excerpts of SelamatHariRaya
2. Team was armed with placards containing verses from the song, in case people forgot lyrics
3. A call-to-action was posted on Facebook and the official website
4. Sinar.FM cruisers and DJs attended select locations to support the teams and drive participation
5. Recorded videos were tagged with #SalomaHariRaya to drive sharing and encourage peer participation

Results and Effectiveness
• 100 locations covered in all st
• 3,100 unique videos in 2 weeks
• 1,302,668 YouTube views till date
• Over 1 million people reached via the Facebook videos with over 9,000 comments
We managed to create a crowd sourced video content by capitalizing on the popularity of a festive song while promoting the spirit of a united Malaysia.