Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2016 | |

Mickey & Minnie Welcome Kids to Cinema

Advertiser: Dutch Lady Milk Industries
Brand: Dutch Lady Kid & School
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The Challenge
Dutch Lady’s Kid & School variant faced stiff competition from Milo. With competitor’s massive budget, we were hard pressed to find alternate touch-points to engage with moms & kids to gain market share.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
A child’s best friends outside of school are his favorite cartoon characters, every child wants to be friends with Mickey & Minnie. DutchLady’s partnership with Disney provided us a unique opportunity to make this dream of Malaysian kids come true. But we still needed to find a relevant touchpoint to bring DutchLady’s Disney partnership to life, and TGV’s latest offering on Family Friendly Cinema (FFC) gave us the right platform. We realized that movie watching experience for parents with kids is tough experience, with kids often crying, needing diaper change or feeling scared of the dark theatre, TGV’s FFC was a dream come true for parents. Our Idea was to reinvent the ordinary experience of parents watching movie with kids with Disney magical stardust sprinkled on it.

Media Execution
We had strategically selected 5 of TGV’s theatres in Malaysia to be transformed into a mini playground. The usual boring and dimly lit hall ways were revamped into vibrant & magically Disney-themed hall ways. Parents and kids were welcomed by life-size milk boxes litting the hallway and Mickey & friends lining the walk as they are make their way to the designated halls to watch their favourite movies. Kids and parents alike were surprised by the sudden transformation and kids jumped around in joy as savored various flavors of DutchLady’s Kid&School variant.

Results and Effectiveness
Campaign reached a total of 14,686 patrons consisting of only parents & children. At any point in time, parents were exposed to a 180-minute exposure of brand presence in the cinema, totally captive audience. This contributed to brand shares increase by 0.5% in just 1 month!