Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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The Challenge
AirAsia has been in the market for fourteen years. In Malaysia, it’s top-of-mind. However, it’s not the case in neighboring countries that have their own low-cost carriers. With competition growing stronger, some even copying AirAsia’s successes, AirAsia wanted to strengthen its brand presence, especially in countries that are ASEAN-passenger-rich. This is how we smartly penetrated the various markets with a singular approach.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We were looking for ways to entice travelers to visit ASEAN countries ; rich in history, diverse cuisines, and Instagram-worthy sites. We needed a platform to showcase these countries’ culture in a way that’s never been done before. TV was ideal in reaching millions in a short time frame, and TLC (Travel & Lifestyle) channel was a perfect fit. Surprisingly, we discovered no airline had executed tailor-made content on TLC before. Taking advantage of this opportunity, AirAsia formed an alliance with AsiaPacific’s leading travel and lifestyle channel.

Media Execution
Through endless brainstorming sessions, we came up with the first ever, custom made content on TLC called “Around ASEAN in 5 Days”; a special programme showcasing all ASEAN destinations: Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Singapore. Each episode is 2 hours long, featuring 2 travel destinations. Hosts indulge the viewers in an adventure of food, culture and lifestyle. What makes it different from other travel programs is its in-depth focus on diversity of culture that TLC is uniquely known for. AirAsia capitalized on this expertise, showing that they too embrace different cultures – not just Malaysia’s.

Results and Effectiveness
It was a partnership that soared through the skies! With a budget of less than RM100,000, we achieved a staggering ROI of 1:12x Conversion rate on across the 9 countries increase by 62.20%. With “Around ASEAN in 5 Days”, AirAsia is seen as an airline of “Experiences”, not just a carrier.